Jungle King Lion Running Attack Game

Jungle King Lion Running Attack Game is a simple lion game – here the lion runs to an undisclosed destination, as it is the running that keeps alive. En-route it has to dodge several  obstacles to accomplish it. The player has to maneuver it skilfully to help to enable lion to obtain its goal. This will bring potentially more points to the player.

Lion Running Attack Game
Lion Running Game

In the Lion Running Attack Game the path is filled with stakes as well as other obstacles. If the lion falls on any of the obstacles then it will die. It is the duty of the player to help the lion to jump, dodge and avoid its enemies. So, the player should feel the jungle king to feel proud after completing an endless run. If not extra careful the player may end up killing the predator. It may sound funny and illogical to learn that a grownup lion would die at once if it falls on a stone, this where the skill, hand eye coordination and other maneuvering skills of the player is tested. If lion dies it is not lions fault, but the players fault.

Lion Running Attack Game Controls:

The controls are simple, just tap to move / jump over things. We advise players to keep to the left side of the screen, by doing so, he or she may have better chance of avoiding obstacles as one will have more time to plan moves. One can turn off the sounds by clicking the button at the top right corner of the screen, and we do recommend that you do it, with all our hearts.
Have fun getting your lion to wherever he is headed to. Here is catch, we would like to admit that no one in the team that designed and developed Lion Games had the patience to play this particular game to its final conclusion, so shamefully, we have no idea how it ends. If you know, please share your wisdom with us in the comments.

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