Notations of Rubix Cube or Cubo Rubix game app

Rotate the Rubix cube using notation letters. If one learns to read the Rubix Cube Notation it is easy for all to use algorithms seen in the solution tutorials. The good news about it is that learning only six intuitive letters is more than enough to solve the cube. To solve cube speedily one should learn the notations, which are as under:-

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The Basic Notations of Rubix Cube

A single letter means to turn that face clockwse 90 degrees.
A letter with an apostrophe means to turn that face counterclockwise 90 degrees.
A letter with the number 2 means to turn that face 180 degrees.
e.g. R U R’ U R U2 R’ U
Another commonly used notations are: uppercase means a clockwise and the lowercase means counterclockwise turns, but this is not the official version because for other twisty puzzles the lowercase letter means a different thing.
e.g. R U r U R U2 r U

Sometimes they mark the inverse rotations with the capital face initial followed by a lowercase i
e.g. Fi means front inverted.

For the beginner’s method you just have to know the simple F (front), B (back), R (right), L (left), D (down), U (up) turns but there are more complicated moves for speed cubers which manipulate the middle layer or two layers at the same time or reorient the whole cube.

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