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Running Lion Attack Game Free for Android

This is a fast exciting endless runner game with 10 levels.Helps lift your spirits. No worries. Hakuna Matata as they say in Swahili.Played and enjoyed by children, Lion games involves the Lion, King of the Jungle leaving his kingdom and running into man's habitat.
Lions live throughout Africa from below the Sahara Desert to the start of South Africa as well as in the Gir Forests in India, in prides normally consisting of three males, twelve females and their cubs.
Whilst the female cubs stay with the pride throughout their lives, male young grow and leave the pride establishing their own, or taking over an existing pride following a successful fight with the established leader.
Each pride defines a territory of around one hundred square miles where they prey as a pack on other wildlife including zebras,tigers (in India), wild beasts and antelopes as well as other wildlife.While playing online below use the spacebar for the lion to jump.

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Lion Running game
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