Two Parts

2048 is an addictive game. The winning steps consists of two parts.

  • Basic Instructions and Tips
  • Step by Step Strategy Guide

Classic 2048 mobile game solutions

Part 1 of 2: Basic Instructions and Tips
1. Know the rules, the basics

  • Swipe the screen up, down, left, or right to move all number tiles in that direction. Each tile moves in that direction until it hits the wall or another tile.
  • Each time you make a move, a new 2 or 4 tile appears in an empty spot in a row or column that was moved, the last move.

2. How to get to 2048

  • When a move causes two tiles of the same number to hit each other, they merge into one tile with a value equal to the sum of the two tiles. For instance, two 2 tiles combine into a 4. The goal is to finally create a 2048 value tile.

3. Do not make moves very quickly

  • If you want to get to 2048 make a move only after considering possibilities.Imagine how the board will look after you make the next move.

4. The corner tile is important.

  • Best strategy is to build up a high number in one corner. It does not matter what corner you choose.
  • This tactic works when the corner is part of a row you keep permanently filled. This lets you move the tiles left to right without disadvantage.

5. Try to merge multiple tiles

  • If you see a long row of similar tiles, merge them all

Try alternate tapping up and right.

  • Try alternate tapping up and right until no squares are moving. It can get you a high score.

Part 2 of 2: Step by Step Strategy Guide
1. Swipe left and right several times

  • Start a new game, then swipe left and right rapidly. Continue until you have a couple rows of 2s, 4s, and 8s. You will be in a good position.

2. Build a higher valued tile in the corner.

  • The goal is to keep this tile in place for as long as possible, making it slowly higher and higher.

3. Keep the row with the high tile filled.

  • Once filled, you will be able to move left and right as much as you like mostly.
  • Keep an eye on this row, and refill gaps that appear whenever possible, without shifting the corner tile.

4. Combine small tiles.

  • For most of the game, it is much more important to make 8s, 16s, and 32s than a single larger number.

5. Maneuver around small, trapped tiles.

  • say a 2 or 4 trapped between a 512 and a 32. Try to free that small tile.
  • Tactics for this:
    • Choose a tile next to the trapped 2 or 4 tile, and plan on how to combine it, plan multiple moves ahead.
    • Can also try to create a gap in the row with the small, trapped tile, then shift left and right until it is positioned so can be combine.
6. Move your corner tile when forced to, then return it.

  • Try to return the high-valued tile to your chosen corner.

7. Try try again till you get to 2048.

  • Of course sometimes there is usually no point in trying to get out of it.Start a new game!



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