Best of 2048 variants, Musical, fast paced...

Classic exciting 2046 game. A grid numbers tile board musical 2048 game with funny music effects. This Musical 2048 Game Play is classic genre fun, addictive and a very simple puzzle game. Join the numbers 2+2=4... 4+4=8... 8+8=16... 16+16=32... How long will it take to get up to 2048? Can you add like numbers to win this game getting to the 2048 tile!

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How to play 2048 game?
  • Swipe/join the numbers and get to the 1024 or the 2048 game tile or more.
  • The game rules are extremely simple with numeric challenges.Swipe (Up, Down, Left, Right) to move the tiles. When two tiles with the same number touch, they merge into one. When 2048 tile is created, the player wins!
  • Game is automatically saved
  • High score
  • This app is suitable for any gender, age and profession. You can train each day and observe your progress by unlocking subsequent achievements.
  • Great sound effects.
  • Play anywhere, on the way to school, office or market.
  • Use your time playing this endless engaging, colorful game 2048.
  • Social sharing and performance features.
  • Internet & network state permission is required for ads networks. Get the musical 2048 game now!

How it Works?

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